Polish plumber for hire London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow

Plumber – recruitment, employee leasing of Polish workers – white assembly, repair and replacement of sewage and water pipes. Employment of Plumber, Middle and Eastern Europe specialists. If you are interested in hiring, hire the best professional from Poland for a contract in England, Scotland, Wales. Contact us or send us an email office@reesworks.eu tel: 0048 603 916 109 with your request.

Our employees are thoroughly tested on the reliability, quality of work and references, which guarantee professional and cost-effective performance. Reesworks provides skilled workers from Poland to construction and assembly companies in Great Britain in cities listed below: London, Birmingham, Leeds , Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol.

Outsourcing of xperienced plumbers from Poland. The scope of services is the implementation of projects for construction companies from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany. Reesworks is engaged in the acquisition of qualified plumbers from Poland for the execution of construction projects including all plumbing and sanitary works throughout England. Our plumbers undergo a detailed recruitment, in which we take into account the qualification, foreign contracts experience, effectiveness and quality and foreign language skills.English. We always check references to deliver the best service possible.

We are focused on getting the best specialists available on the market – plumbers mainly from the Polish market, which will guarantee our customers smooth and fast completion of entrusted works. We try to provide the best employees specifically for the given task.

Scope of works of Polish plumbers:

  • sanitary and plumbing (water and sewage) system installation,

  • repair of stoves, installation of water meters,

  • central heating installation or alteration,

  • white assembly, malfunctions and small repairs of basins, mixer taps, shower trays, bidets, tubs,

  • clogged sinks, toilet bowls, grates,

  • broken pipes, broken taps, valves, etc.

  • installation of wash basins, bathtubs, shower cubicles, sinks,

  • repair of sanitary equipment breakdowns,

  • plumbing services,

  • pipe clearing,

  • plumbing failures,

  • clearing out the sewerage,

  • unclogging pipes,

  • removal of leaks, leak failures,

  • clearing of sewage system blockage,

  • degreasing of sewage system,

  • cleaning of rain intakes,

  • cleaning of revisory wells,

  • installation of central heating,

  • assembly of chimney input,

  • design of home sewage systems,

  • construction of external sewage connections.


And plumbing services:

  • gas, gas connections,

  • welding of copper metal pipes, all technologies,

  • renovations and installations,

  • design of projects and their installation,

  • we realise also other various customer orders, not included in the above offer.



Advances services:

  • Assembly and replacing plumb lines,

  • Central and floor heating,

  • Boiler houses,

  • Fireplaces with water jacket,

  • Montage and replacing radiators,

  • Montage of water filters,

  • Montage of solar systems,


Sanitary and sewage full-service:

For all your installations, repairs and replacements including sewage and drainage, water cocks, sinks, toilets, showers and jacuzzi, pipelines, disposers, dishwashers, water heaters and cesspools.



If you have a problem with your toilet (clogging, flusher does not work or if you need any other repair) contact us – we will provide you the professionals to do the work.


Another common problem is the spilage of water from the toilet. Water rises to the bowl and begins to spill onto the floor. To fix this we need to clear the drain or replace the WC.


If you hear that yout toilet in rest makes quiet noise this means it is leaking. You may lose up to 200 liters of water a day with such failure. The problem here may be corroded pipe or damaged valve.


Professional plumber. Service of water heaters.

If your water heater is damaged or needs repair, our licensed technician will solve the problem within one day.

In addition to low efficiency and high energy costs, many potential hazards may result from improperly installed or repaired or pre-heated water heater. That is why selscting the right contractor for the hydraulics is the key to solving the problem.


Drainage of pipes, sewerage under water pressure.

Do the following hydraulic problem sound familiar?

  • Do you experience low water pressure?

  • Is your water yellow or rusty stained?

  • Have you burned in the shower when someone else uses hot water at the sink or uses washing machine?

  • Did you have leaks from your sewer?

  • Do you problem with a clogged main pipe?

Clearing under pressure can fix them all!


Repiping puts pipes in your home or office a high water pressure, improves the supply of hot water, eliminates potentially expensive flood repairs and makes the sanitary system is more effective, eventually saving your tome and money!

Repiping is a serious undertaking for home repairs. It is not a typical “do it yourself” project. Our professional plumbers have a great deal of experience and will quickly solve the problem.


Scope of works:

  • water heaters,

  • sewerage repairs,

  • basins, toilets, fittings,

  • renovation bathrook & kitchen,

  • cleaning of sewage,

  • tap repairs,

  • toilet renovation,

  • hot water installation,

  • repair of water heater,

  • pressure ventilators,

  • frozen pipe repairs,

  • solar water heater installation.


Sanitary services (residential and commercial)

If you are looking for a company that will replace pipes in your home or simply will fix the faucet in the bathroon, Reesworks can do anything. Below are just some of the plumbing services that we offer:

Strange noises of pipes
Tubular sounds vary from loud to high-pitched sounds. The cause may be loose pipes, air chambers, or water pressure that is too high.

Pipes are usually anchored in a 6 to 8 foot horizontal waveform, 8 to 10 feet vertical. If the pipe roar takes place after turning on the water, you may need to add belts (pipe seals). Contact us for a free pricing.



Only warm water squeaks. As the tube expands, it moves, and friction causes a squeak. This noise occurs when the water in the tap or appliance is quickly switched off. The water flowing through the tubes strikes after stopping, causing deafening noise. It is also associated with the pressure in the pipes and we also deal with cases like this.


Below there are solutions to prevent pipes from freezing. Of course, if the problem persist please contact us so that we can speed things up for you:

  • If the pipe freezes, turn off the water in the main valve and open the faucet closest to the frozen pipe,

  • Waterproof surface from containers or plastic clothes can be used in the event of a leak,

  • Remember to work from the tap side towards the icy surface to gradually warm the frozen pipe,

  • Safety tip for heating the tube - do not let the tube get too hot to the touch,

  • Hair dryer used as a torch will gently warm the pipe,

  • Wrap the tube with pillows,

  • The lamp can also warm the pipes at the walls, floor or ceiling, put the lamp 8 centimeters or more from the surface,

  • Hot Water - if no other method is available, wrap the pipe (except plastic) in cloths.

We can also perform our services in below cities:

Kirklees Fife Wirral Wakefield Cardiff Dudley Wigan East Riding South Lanarkshire Coventry Belfast Leicester Sandwell Doncaster Stockport Sefton Nottingham Newcastle-upon-Tyne Kingston-upon-Hull Bolton Walsall Plymouth Rotherham Stoke-on-Trent Wolverhampton Rhondda, Cynon, Taff South Gloucestershire Derby Swansea Salford Aberdeenshire Barnsley Tameside Oldham Trafford Aberdeen Southampton Highland Rochdale Solihull Gateshead Milton Keynes North Tyneside Calderdale Northampton Portsmouth Warrington North Somerset Bury Luton St Helens Stockton-on-Tees Renfrewshire York Thamesdown Southend-on-Sea New Forest Caerphilly Carmarthenshire Bath & North East Somerset Wycombe Basildon Bournemouth Peterborough North East Lincolnshire Chelmsford Brighton South Tyneside Charnwood Aylesbury Vale Colchester Knowsley North Lincolnshire Huntingdonshire Macclesfield Blackpool West Lothian South Somerset Dundee Basingstoke & Deane Harrogate Dumfries & Galloway Middlesbrough Flintshire Rochester-upon-Medway The Wrekin Newbury Falkirk Reading Wokingham Windsor & Maidenhead Maidstone Redcar & Cleveland North Ayrshire Blackburn Neath Port Talbot Poole Wealden Arun Bedford Oxford Lancaster Newport Canterbury Preston Dacorum Cherwell Perth & Kinross Thurrock Tendring Kings Lynn & West Norfolk St Albans Bridgend South Cambridgeshire Braintree Norwich Thanet Isle of Wight Mid Sussex South Oxfordshire Guildford Elmbridge Stafford Powys East Hertfordshire Torbay Wrexham Maelor East Devon East Lindsey Halton Warwick East Ayrshire Newcastle-under-Lyme North Wiltshire South Kesteven Epping Forest Vale of Glamorgan Reigate & Banstead Chester Mid Bedfordshire Suffolk Coastal Horsham Nuneaton & Bedworth Gwynedd Swale Teignbridge Cambridge Vale Royal


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