Polish Roofers for hire London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds

Roofers from Poland – recruitment, employee leasing of Polish workers. If you are interested in hiring, hire the best craftsmen from Poland for a contract in England, Scotland, Wales. Contact us or send us an email office@reesworks.eu tel: 0048 603 916 109 with your request.

Our employees are thoroughly tested on the reliability, quality of work and references, which guarantee professional and cost-effective performance. Reesworks provides skilled workers from Poland to construction and assembly companies in Great Britain in cities listed below: London, Birmingham, Leeds , Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol.


Polish roofers for lease for construction or renovation companies:

Range of works:

  • performance of roof truss,

  • formworks / roofing felt,

  • roofing (all kinds of roof tiles),

  • steel sheet tile (all kinds),

  • crystalline roofs with titanium-zinc sheet, steel sheet, trapezoid, emce,

  • roof shingle and heat-sealable tar,

  • performance and installation of flashings,

  • replacement and installation of drain-pipes,

  • replacement and installation of roof windows,

  • installation of solar panels,

  • installation of chimneys,

  • installation of snow barriers,

  • building an upgraded version of the roof using double sheet metal and chimney.

    We can also provide our services in:

    Kirklees Fife Wirral, Wakefield, Cardiff, Dudley Wigan East Riding, South Lanarkshire, Coventry, Belfast, Leicester, Sandwell, Doncaster, Stockport, Sefton, Nottingham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Kingston-upon-Hull, Bolton ,Walsall, Plymouth, Rotherham, Stoke-on-Trent Wolverhampton Rhondda, Cynon, Taff South, Gloucestershire, Derby, Swansea, Salford, Aberdeenshire, Barnsley, Tameside, Oldham, Trafford, Aberdeen, Southampton, Highland, Rochdale, Solihull, Gateshead, Milton Keynes North Tyneside Calderdale Northampton Portsmouth, Warrington, North Somerset, Bury Luton St Helens Stockton-on-Tees Renfrewshire York Thamesdown Southend-on-Sea New Forest Caerphilly Carmarthenshire Bath & North East Somerset Wycombe Basildon Bournemouth Peterborough North East Lincolnshire Chelmsford Brighton South Tyneside, Charnwood, Aylesbury, Vale Colchester, Knowsley, North Lincolnshire, Huntingdonshire, Macclesfield, Blackpool, West Lothian, South Somerset, Dundee Basingstoke & Deane Harrogate, Dumfries & Galloway Middlesbrough Flintshire Rochester-upon-Medway, The Wrekin, Newbury, Falkirk, Reading, Wokingham, Windsor & Maidenhead, Maidstone, Redcar & Cleveland, North Ayrshire, Blackburn Neath Port, Talbot Poole, Wealden Arun, Bedford, Oxford, Lancaster, Newport, Canterbury, Preston, Dacorum Cherwell Perth & Kinross Thurrock Tendring Kings Lynn & West Norfolk St Albans Bridgend South Cambridgeshire Braintree Norwich Thanet Isle of Wight Mid Sussex, South Oxfordshire Guildford Elmbridge Stafford Powys East Hertfordshire Torbay Wrexham Maelor East Devon East Lindsey Halton Warwick East Ayrshire Newcastle-under-Lyme North Wiltshire South Kesteven Epping Forest Vale of Glamorgan Reigate & Banstead Chester Mid Bedfordshire Suffolk Coastal Horsham Nuneaton & Bedworth Gwynedd Swale Teignbridge Cambridge Vale Royal


  • making the soffit board,

  • making clinker brick chimneys,

  • mineral wood insulation,

  • making and roofing of arbors / gazebo.


We provide skilled experienced roofers from Poland for housing, office, industrial and warehouse construction in western Europe and Great Britain.


We are offering our services all over Europe so if you are interested in getting the best roofers' service from Poland we invite you to contact us and let us know what you need.


We work in the cities listed below:


We can also realise projects in:



Our roofers can install all kinds of shingles on every type of the roof. Regardless on gradient of the roof there are many options of installation. Producer's guarantee on the material is 25 years.


 We would like to propose mainly wooden shingles which are aesthetic and suitable to any environment. As a versatile building material they fit traditional building as well modern architecture. They are mainyly made of oak, larch, spruce, fir, beech and red cedar. The roofing shingle is mainly used for shingles from fir / spruce, oak and larch. Owing to their properties, these wood species are particularly resistant to atmospheric conditions.


Gutters and downpipes

We install flexible aluminium, galvanized steel or copper drain-pipes and gutters. We perform also commissioned works. Gutters are adjusted to your building with style and size.


Flat Roofs

We can repair or replace any partial or whole construction of a flat roof. In general flat roofs are considered worse than others but with our help and experience we proeivde excellent service and quality of the materials. The roof systems we offer are energy efficient, hermetic, flame-resistant and resistant to strong winds.



We install all types of cedar roofs. They are fire resistant and may be produced from syntetic material. We are able to fix also all small faults keeping the integrity of the surface.


Renovation and construction of the roof

A leaky roof can damage ceilings, walls and furnitures. Our specialists fix such defects by applying a layer of tar or asphalt and gravel, rubber or thermoplastic materials. Also metal or shingles to protect buildings and their contents from water damage. Our services also include repair and replacement of old roofing on existing buildings.

Most roofs with low slopes are covered with several layers of materials. Our roofers introduce a layer of insulation on the roof. Over the insulation, the ofteny spread a layer of molten asphalt and tar. Then we install the roof covering of tar-tar paper asphalt. This makes it a waterproof surface.


Installation of the roofing

The low slope is covered with a monolayer waterproof rubber membrane or thermoplastic compound.


Green rooftops

 When you plan a green roof for your home or business premises there are several factors to consider before starting a project based on your budget and needs. Environmental benefits contribute to the solution of many of the typical urban problems, including storms, water management, reduced air pollution, improved air quality, reduced air volume that rises over cities due to heating of reflective material and lack of vegetation.
Green roofs consist of an insulating layer, a waterproof membrane to protect the building against leaks, a root barrier to prevent the roots from penetrating into the waterproof membrane, a drainage layer made of light gravel, clay or plastic, geotextile or filter mat that enables watering but prevents soil erosion.
Many companies are building green roofs to reduce energy costs and maintain roofs. Green roofs isolate and protect buildings from harsh atmospheric conditions and ultra violet radiation as well as reduce energy consumption and increase roof durability.
Another benefit of installing a green roof is the therapeutic value for hospitals and health care facilities.
There are two basic types of green roofs:
Intensive: heavier option, closely imitating the lush natural garden
Extensive: lighter option, requires less maintenance and tolerates difficult weather conditions
Despite the initial significant cost is higher than the conventional roof system, the installation a green roof gives long-term benefits and energy savings that outweigh the initial investment. The cost of a green roof will also depend on the type of roof installed, the climate, and the choice of plants.


Here are some factors to consider at the initial cost of installing a green roof:

Irrigation and drainage of gardens
Any excess water not absorbed in the garden must be effectively drained from the roof. Most gardens should be able to use the existing drainage and irrigation system.
We are looking for experienced roofers for all kinds of roofing jobs. Insulation work, roofing made of metal and non-metallic materials, installation of gutters and downpipes


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