Polish Painter for hire London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds

Painter from Poland – recruitment, employee leasing of Polish workers. Employment of painter, Middle Europe and Eastern Europe specialists. If you are interested in hiring, hire the best experts from Poland for a contract in England, Scotland, Wales. Contact us or send us an email office@reesworks.eu tel: 0048 603 916 109 with your request.

Our employees are thoroughly tested on the reliability, quality of work and references, which guarantee professional and cost-effective performance. Reesworks provides skilled workers from Poland to construction and assembly companies in Great Britain in cities listed below: London, Birmingham, Leeds , Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol.


Painter from Poland. We provide:

  • painting apartaments,

  • painting offices,

  • painting storage spaces,

  • painting interiors,

  • painting exteriors,

  • removing wallpapers,

  • removing old paint,

  • painting the basement,

  • painting the staircase,

  • painting apartament houses.


Reesworks.eu provides outsourced work services for companies and private people. We operate in Belgium, England, Poland, Germany, France. We provide qualified and experienced staff from Poland and guarantee high quality of service at low costs. We operate throughout Europe, so if you are interested hiring Polish painters we invite you to contact us and us know your needs.

Reesworks provides qualified painters from Poland for projects in all England in cities listed below:

We can also provide our services in:

Kirklees Fife Wirral, Wakefield, Cardiff, Dudley Wigan East Riding, South Lanarkshire, Coventry, Belfast, Leicester, Sandwell, Doncaster, Stockport, Sefton, Nottingham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Kingston-upon-Hull, Bolton ,Walsall, Plymouth, Rotherham, Stoke-on-Trent Wolverhampton Rhondda, Cynon, Taff South, Gloucestershire, Derby, Swansea, Salford, Aberdeenshire, Barnsley, Tameside, Oldham, Trafford, Aberdeen, Southampton, Highland, Rochdale, Solihull, Gateshead, Milton Keynes North Tyneside Calderdale Northampton Portsmouth, Warrington, North Somerset, Bury Luton St Helens Stockton-on-Tees Renfrewshire York Thamesdown Southend-on-Sea New Forest Caerphilly Carmarthenshire Bath & North East Somerset Wycombe Basildon Bournemouth Peterborough North East Lincolnshire Chelmsford Brighton South Tyneside, Charnwood, Aylesbury, Vale Colchester, Knowsley, North Lincolnshire, Huntingdonshire, Macclesfield, Blackpool, West Lothian, South Somerset, Dundee Basingstoke & Deane Harrogate, Dumfries & Galloway Middlesbrough Flintshire Rochester-upon-Medway, The Wrekin, Newbury, Falkirk, Reading, Wokingham, Windsor & Maidenhead, Maidstone, Redcar & Cleveland, North Ayrshire, Blackburn Neath Port, Talbot Poole, Wealden Arun, Bedford, Oxford, Lancaster, Newport, Canterbury, Preston, Dacorum Cherwell Perth & Kinross Thurrock Tendring Kings Lynn & West Norfolk St Albans Bridgend South Cambridgeshire Braintree Norwich Thanet Isle of Wight Mid Sussex, South Oxfordshire Guildford Elmbridge Stafford Powys East Hertfordshire Torbay Wrexham Maelor East Devon East Lindsey Halton Warwick East Ayrshire Newcastle-under-Lyme North Wiltshire South Kesteven Epping Forest Vale of Glamorgan Reigate & Banstead Chester Mid Bedfordshire Suffolk Coastal Horsham Nuneaton & Bedworth Gwynedd Swale Teignbridge Cambridge Vale Royal


Our services in Great Britain – Painting

  • painting walls and ceilings in apartaments in old or development houses,

  • painting ceilings, walls in kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms,

  • painting patterns according to the client,

  • painting offices, storage spaces,

  • wallpapering apartaments, flats,

  • painting interiors,

  • painting staircases,

  • painting and finishing of interiors.


Final effect of painting realisation depends on used materials, e.g. From the type, class and producer of the paint but also from the painter – the renovation company you entrust your space. Our company will help you pick the right colour to perform the best quality of painting works.


We will help you choose the paint and provide only the best of materials. We will cover and secure the floor, doors and furnitures from the paint during our works. We invite you to contact us and to check our painting offer.


We offer painting of the below spaces:


Painting apartaments, painting offices:

  • painting fitted plasterboards,

  • painting doors (acrylic or oil color paint),

  • painting radiators,

  • painting dado and sanitation pipes,

  • painting wooden windows,

  • painting walls with acrylic paint, latex paint, emulsion.


Painting houses:

  • painting wooden and metal fences,

  • painting interior walls,

  • waxing, oiling,

  • wood impregnation and lacquering parquet,

  • lacquering the floor,

  • painting steel and wooden gateways,

  • painting elevation.


Painting elevation of tenement houses, painting apartment block:

  • painting with sillicone paint, masking and mineral paint,

  • painting facade with vinyl outdoor paint,

  • painting elevation of buildings with acrylic facade paint,

  • painting with modified, resinous, solvent paint.



Painting using paint roller is a technique of applying lacquer materials known since the 19th century.

The main advantages of this technique are:

  • better efficiency than painting with a brush,

  • possibility to paint in all conditions,

  • no additional energy required,

  • simple and cheap equipment,

  • ease to paint in all conditions, also hard ones,

  • it is especially useful at renovations, for marking,

  • painting material is efficiently used avoiding loses during painting,

  • possibility to extend the handle allowing painting large and difficult-to-reach surfaces without need of scaffolding



Interior painting of houses, apartaments, office, warehouse

 We specialize in colouring, painting, wall repairs, ceiling repairs, and removal of wallpapers. For us preparation is the key to all painting projects. Our painters roll up the carpets, remove the lighting, isolate the furniture – protection is our must. After painting we can arrange all furnitures in original way.


Interior painting process

When painters paint your interior you can expect the following:

  • Determine the time of work to complete the work on time,

  • Thorough preparation of the surface before applying any materials,

  • The workplace is kept neat and clean as the work is in progress,

  • Making sure that the colors meet your requirements,

  • In case of change of the color – always putting at least two layers of paint.


Painting kitchen, bathroom, living room

  • removal of the wallpaper,

  • painting interiors,

  • eco painting.



Exterior painting of houses

 Similarly to interior painting, proper surface preparation is crucial for achieving long lasting effect. It is necessary to thoroughly clean and remove all dirt and mold. This is the first and most important step in preparation of the exterior surface.

Another important thing is to remove all previous layers of paint. All rotten boards should be replaced and new and bare wood should be primed. The gaps between the contact boards, or wood and masonry, should be sealed with a strong sealing agent. Non-paintings and lighting fixtures should be removed or adequately protected, and all plants should be moved or covered.
Reesworks provides the highest quality workmanship and fair, affordable prices in the painting market.


Exterior painting
ecological painting
external trade walls, offices, houses

Some of our more specialized areas of work include painting and special decorating:

  • Flats, houses – terraces, reconstruction and renewal of cottages. Decorative ceilings, frames of paintings, chair railing,

  • Panels - painted or polished – we offer spectacular final effect,

  • Colouring and varnishing wood - wooden stairs, windows, balconies, doors,

  • Corporate or Commercial Office Spaces - professional effects with modern touch,

  • Maintenance - hotels, shopping centers,


Removal of wallpapers

 Most of the wallpaper can be removed from the inside of the house by a qualified specialist without any problems. Our professional technicians spray the surface of wallpaper on each wall with a mixture of warm water and enzyme dissolving the glue underneath. This enzyme breaks down the starch in the glue, and also allows the old paper to peel off. When removing wallpaper, our employees wash the wall to definitely get rid of the glue.. If previously painted areas are to be repainted, we recommend an oil primer layer to seal and fill the unevenness. This is to ensure that your home is clean and will eliminate any problems during the painting process.


 If the paint is no longer aesthetical due to cracks, faded colors, dirt, etc., you can use the option to repaint the walls. Before applying fresh paint, prepare the surface properly by removing the paint. If old paint is not removed, there can appear folds that affect the appearance and bonding of the paint. Various paint removal techniques can be used to remove paint. It would be good, however, to use the most appropriate technique or combination for the type of substrate (wall).


Scope of removals:

  • Removing all types of paints,

  • Removal of oil paint,

  • Removal of wall paint, ceiling, floor,

  • Removal of wood paint,

  • Removal of paint from concrete,

  • Stain removal paint,

  • Concrete paint remover,



Other works:

Sealing of wooden floors, platforms.

Platforms are very popular, simple and it is an effective way to expand the living space at your home.
Everything around the house is affected by humidity and increases exposure to the elements. After a few years the colors are gray and the place in front of the house becomes repulsive. Degradation is caused by dirt, mosses, algae and other plants. These soon begin to grow on the surface of the boards. The form of splinters creates a more rough surface, which is even more inviting for dirt and vegetation.

What we offer:
- renovation of wood
- cleaning wooden floors,

- sealing wooden constructions,

- sealing and leveling boards,

- removing stains from wooden surfaces,

- colouring wooden surfaces,

- restoration of wooden floors and other constructions



     Whether it is the soot in a chimney in winter, dust and dirt in the summer, or mold in rainy weather and humidity, every season brings conditions that overshadow the look of the home from the outside. Acid rain and strong ultraviolet radiation from the sun also cause stains and deformations.

    Although some of these issues can affect only the appearance of your home from the outside, others can damage or even affect the health of members of your home.


    Regardless of the source and nature of the residue outside the house, our technicians will clean the exterior, restoring the beauty and preserving the value of the house. By using high quality commercial detergents and excellent pressure washer equipment we can prevent repetitive problems and remove impurities without the risk of surface damage.


    • Washing outside the houses,

    • High-pressure water cleaning inside and outside the building,

    • Concrete cleaning,

    • Clearing fences and roofs,

    • Cleaning the driveway,

    • Cleaning external walls.



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